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Fotograf Berlin I think almost every project I did in the past challenged me creatively and it should, otherwise it is just boring and you won’t grow on it at all. The huge architectural work I did in Valencia on the City of Arts and Science was maybe one of these projects that have taken me in new directions because I realized for the first time, that shooting architecture becomes one of my main passions more and more.

It was also quite interesting that I shot this series in 2012 and reworked the whole series at the end of 2014. In the between time I studied most of the time and did not do any photography things but still or just because of that, I took a huge improvement and evolved a lot on my overall style and techniques.

Once the photograph has been taken, it is time for the next stage in your work. How would you describe this final phase?

This is a tough question because it is very different in each category. In Architecture and commercial photography a good and clean post processing is mandatory to get the top jobs. Whereas in landscape or my personal photography I have a completely different work flow that is a lot more footloose and creative I think where I try to express my feelings and describe me as a person through my pictures. Nevertheless most of my pictures just do not come straight of the camera like they are, which means in my opinion post processing is at least equally important than taking pictures.

08. How was your experience photographing the City of Arts and Science in Valencia?

It really was an interesting one, because the possibilities there for a photographic student, which I was at that time, are almost endless. I tried out quite a lot of different techniques and variations of compositions and I think I have learned a lot during that time. And it is for sure a good thing and happens not that often I have to say, but I am still satisfied with the interior shots I came back with from Valencia. Actually this was the final work for my graduation on Lette-Verein.

One of the reasons I went there was also that the quality of the images I found in the internet were not really satisfying in my opinion, especially I did not find any good interior shots at all. Because I absolutely admire the interior work of Calatrava on the City of Arts and Science and elsewhere I had to go there and capture the amazing beauty of these rooms. All rooms/spaces inside are in my opinion a unique and amazing work of interior design. They all have a really elegant, quiet and peaceful atmosphere and are filled with daylight or awesome light design.

09. How do you see the photography industry changing in the future by the web’s extensive dissemination?

The change of the photo industry is immense indeed, even just over the past five years and most of my colleagues would concur with me when I say that it overall did a lot of harm to our industry. At the same time it brought us many amazing new possibilities. I think it is a matter of your personal mindset; if you are a positive person, or one that always complains about things that change over time.

In my opinion, life is always changing and nothing ever stands still, so the best thing you can do, if you want to stay successful in your business, is to simply use all these new game changing capabilities to your advantage. Without them I think I would not be at all where I already am today.

Many good things happened to me because I was able to take advantage of those new tools the web offers to us. The prices might have went down a lot and the competition might be a lot tougher than it was before, but if you stay confident with the specific skills you have and with your own reliable body of work, you will be able to enforce yourself against others (I speak for the architectural and commercial business, where you still need to be super qualified technically) because in the long run, pure quality and highly specialized craft will always be superior on the market. Fotograf Berlin

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